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May is not only a time to offer devotions to Mary and Joseph, but also a time to honor the unwavering support our parents have given us during our lifetime. May is also National Mental Health Awareness Month.

Catholic Charities has a 99 year history of serving families in need throughout our 14-county diocese.   Drawing inspiration from the love of the Holy Family, Catholic Charities, with encouragement from Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades, launched the philanthropic Hope to Healing Initiative in 2017.

This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we are offering the opportunity to honor the parent in your life, while also helping a fellow parishioner or student in need of mental health support. With the proclamation of 2021 as the Year of St. Joseph by Pope Francis, it seems fitting to expand our traditional Mother’s Day campaign to include Father’s Day as well:  to honor St. Joseph and recognize and remember the Fathers in our lives.

This year, we have set a fundraising goal of $60,000, with $30,000 already raised through a dollar-to-dollar match from a group of generous Catholic Charities supporters. This is a great way you could double your impact. We hope you will be part of the Hope to Healing Initiative as this appeal is a special way to say thanks to your parents for the love and support they gave you, while also supporting parents and children who are struggling today. 

Each honoree (or memorium) designated in your gift to this appeal will be sent a beautiful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card acknowledging your honorary donation. You can make a gift on our donate page by selecting under “Appeals” Mother’s Day Appeal.

Donations must be received by April 30 to honor a mother figure for Mother’s Day, or June 11 to honor a father figure for Father’s Day.

Read more about this initiative's goal below.


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Fr. Jacob Meyer, Pastor of St. Monica's parish in Mishawaka, IN, explains the most pressing need of our diocesan parishes and schools--professional mental health services delivered by Catholic Charities, and how the Hope to Healing Initiative can help.

In 2015, we were startled by the great need we uncovered for a trustworthy Catholic resource for professional counseling. To meet the many needs of our parish priests and Catholic schools personnel, we are undertaking our Hope to Healing capital campaign.

Catholic Charities is uniquely qualified with expertise in both mental-health services and Catholic teaching. We are the arm of the Church that is called upon to respond to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

"Many of our family members, friends, or colleagues will encounter mental-health challenges at some point," says Hope to Healing co-chair Helen Nill. "So a sustainable counseling program is vital to creating a more mentally healthy diocese."

We have started by hiring a clinical liaison to help parishioners navigate the mental-health system. In South Bend, we have also hired a therapist who is serving the students and families of three Catholic schools. However, there is much more we need to do.


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Catholics in our diocese


Students in Catholic schools


Served by Catholic Charities Annually



will need help in their lifetime



will need help in their lifetime



will need help in their lifetime



Listen to CEO, Gloria Whitcraft, explain why the Hope to Healing Initiative is so important to our diocese and why Catholic Charities is uniquely equipped to provide this program on the Kyle Heimann Show.







  1. Provide trusted counseling for schools and parishes
  2. Help clients navigate the mental health system
  3. Become the diocesan resource for mental health
  • Trusted counseling for schools and parishes
  • Free mental health workshops
  • Clinical Liaison Services 



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carolineAt present, we have one full-time counselor who is serving several Catholic schools in Allen County and one part-time counselor in South Bend, as well as a Clinical Liaison. We additionally offer Catholic schools, priests and parishes, at their request, staff and community training on a variety of topics related to mental health, such as: appropriate responses to disruptive behavior in the classroom, challenges presented to parents by children of all ages, and recognizing early signs of potential drug use, mental health in the electronic age, as well as build custom workshops. 

Read about how counseling changed Caroline's family here



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Sacred Heart, Warsaw, teacher Monica Smith shares how impactful Catholic Charities' Counseling Program has been in her classroom. Watch more of Monica's testimonials here.



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Our vision for this initiative is to have additional therapists and clinical liaisons to help serve our 14-county region. 



Host an informational meeting at your home or parish so Catholic Charities can share their vision of this initiative.

Contact Nicole Kurut to set up.



Represent your parish's needs and how Catholic Charities can best serve those needs.

Download the description here



Become a transformational Hope to Healing pledge partner.

Call Nicole Kurut for more information at 260-422-5625 or start your pledge today.



Bring our parent and teacher workshops to more schools and parishes.

Contact our clinical team at 574-234-3111.



Volunteer your talents to furthering our initiative.

Learn more here



Share our initiative with family and friends

Download our Hope to Healing Initiative one-pager here.










“I am honored to be a part of this project that helps with the mental health issues our family, friends and neighbors struggle with every day.”

- Paulette Davis, Board Presidents and CoChair

“I feel strongly that Catholic Charities through the Hope to Healing Initiative will help to build a healthier community for us all.”

- Helen Nill, CoChair




If you are interested in joining the Hope to Healing Committee, volunteering to the Hope to Healing Initiative or hosting a Hope to Healing event or workshop, please contact Nicole Kurut at nkurut@ccfwsb.org or call at 260-422-5625. 




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