A Four-Part Strategy for
Meeting Our Professional Counseling Needs
Diocesan schools are just the beginning. Like the students we serve today, there are many adults, couples and children outside our schools who are in need a trustworthy Catholic resource for mental-health counseling. Our parish priests, Catholic schools’ personnel, and entire 14 county community leaders tell us their greatest need is for Catholic Charities to provide professional counseling. Our research revealed that, when dealing with crises such as depression, addiction, overwhelming debt or sadness, and other chronic stressors, the consequences can be dramatic and life-altering. Why Catholic Charities? We are uniquely qualified with expertise in both mental-health services and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We are the arm of the Church that is called upon to respond to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Many of our priests tell us their most important need is for trustworthy professional counselors. They see many families and individuals every week whose needs exceed their time or professional expertise.


There are times when there are deep-seated emotional or psychological issues coming from our 13,668 students that exceed the time and expertise of our Catholic educators professional capabilities

Human Trafficking Victims

There is a nationwide epidemic of sex and labor trafficking, and our diocese is no exception. Starting in late 2017, we will help freed victims deal with the trauma of their captivity and adjustment back into the community.


Our ambition is to eventually take our faith-based perspective and professional counseling services to the broader community. There are 1.2 million people in our diocese.

Please support Catholic Charities Counseling Program.
"I am aware of the complex concerns that some members of our parishes and Catholic schools face every day. While our parish priests and Catholic school personnel tirelessly provide pastoral care and outstanding academic and religious education respectively, some of the obstacles children and families face also require the expertise of our social service arm, which is Catholic Charities. When you give to Catholic Charities’ campaign to fund counseling services for parish and school referrals, you make it possible for our Church to more fully respond in love as one Body in Christ."
– Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades