Your Journey Together (YJT)

This is a service designed to promote the social and emotional resilience of children and their families. Through this course, parents learn techniques for better managing conflict as well as growing in understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of their children. YJT also teaches parents how to create a positive environment by giving kids structure and well-defined expectations, Parents also learn how to affirm their children’s strengths, set boundaries and diffuse tensions when they arise.

As an evidence-based curriculum, YJT was specifically developed to reflect the six key principles of the trauma-informed approach created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2014). YJT is also aligned with the research informed approaches to increasing family strengths, enhancing child development and reducing the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

YJT strengthens families by strengthening what are called the protective factors (attachment/relationships, initiative, and self-control) of children and adults, as well as creating environments that promote resilience.

A Catholic Charities Journey Coach focuses on empowering parents to learn new resilience-building skills that promote safe, trusting and healing environments while they are living at Vincent Village Transitional Housing. The typical timeline for a family to complete the curriculum is between four and six months, based on each family’s own circumstances and journey plan.

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