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Education Creates Hope and Opportunity (ECHO)

According to the national average, only about 40% of teen parents graduate from high school. Compare that figure with the 90+% graduation rate for ECHO participants. This basic level of achievement has a profound effect on earning potential, which in turn helps keep many above the poverty level.

Our goal with ECHO is to provide support to young parents so they can stay in school and create a better future for themselves and their children. Many teen moms feel their dreams of college and a career vanish when they become pregnant. ECHO can help them keep those dreams alive.

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Your Journey Together (YJT)

This is a service designed to promote the social and emotional resilience of children and their families. Through this course, parents learn techniques for better managing conflict as well as growing in understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of their children. YJT also teaches parents how to create a positive environment by giving kids structure and well-defined expectations. Parents also learn how to affirm their children’s strengths, set boundaries and diffuse tensions when they arise.

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Youth Mentoring (Auburn)

The purpose of this program is to prevent delinquency, truancy, drug use, gang involvement, pregnancy and other high-risk activities while improving school performance. Targeted to at-risk youth between the ages of 9 and 17 who live in areas of significant community disadvantage, the program will use trained adult volunteers to form nurturing relationships lasting no less than twelve months. The program will also include periodic group recreational activities as well as case management and other assistance provided by professional social-service or service-learning staff.

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